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Why This Website? : 

Why create a website when you can just enter photos?


     Personally, I believe that art is a double-edged sword, and is not only a creative outlet for self-expression, but also a medium that can be utilized to help others. For example, every year at my art studio, CM3art,  students volunteer in the L.A. art show to assist the nonprofit:  Art Can Share Love. By designing labels for Campbell soup cans, which are then sold at the annual L.A. art show, our studio’s student artists raise money for the St. Judes Children Hospital, fundraising healthcare accessibility initiatives and raising awareness on children in need. Just last year, $11,021.44 was raised from our studio’s partnership with Art Can Share Love, and these proceeds were donated to St. Jude’s. Seeing these tangible, positive impacts that a seemingly simple piece of art can have on an entire community of children is incredibly inspiring. Participating in amazing volunteer events such as these allowed me to realize how art can serve as a beautiful vessel that not only allows people to enjoy aesthetic projects, but also simultaneously advocates for positive social causes. Incorporating good causes into my art projects is a privilege that fuels my motivation to continue chasing my aspirations in art. 

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